Permanent Black Gums Treatment

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Black Gums

Black gums are gums that are dark or extremely discolored instead of the pale pink color of typical gum tissues. Dark gums are naturally more common in people with certain ethnic backgrounds but they can also affect smokers, those with certain types of dental restorations and those who use certain medications. While they are generally considered a cosmetic issue rather than a dental health issue, they can significantly affect your smile satisfaction and send you in search of black gums treatment. We offer permanent dark gum treatment to lighten gums and remove black spots from gums.

Whether you have a few dark spots or streaks or you have widespread discolorations on your gums, our black gums treatment can help restore a more aesthetically pleasing appearance to your gums. Dr. Farnoosh has pioneered a treatment approach that is fast, easy and painless. We begin by evaluating your gums. Your gums should be healthy and free of any gum disease, oral cancer, lichen planus and other common conditions that could interfere with your results.

If you are a candidate for our black gums treatment, you can benefit greatly by a procedure like a mild dermabrasion developed and published by Dr. Farnoosh who is a pioneer of this field.  We can complete both arches in a single 45-minute appointment. The procedure is fast, easy and pain-free. Dr. Farnoosh will provide you with aftercare instructions that can ensure you get the most out of your treatment. The results of our unique treatment process are permanent. Your gums will always be lighter and pinker than they were before the treatment. However, if you smoke or have certain other risk factors, you may develop new spots or discolorations that can be addressed through touch-up treatments. Some patients may benefit from additional gum contouring procedures or other treatment options.

We use only the safest, most effective treatments to transform your smile. Contact our office today to learn more about our special black gums treatment or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Farnoosh.

History of Gum Bleaching by Dr. Farnoosh

Gum Bleaching Before and AfterAlmost 25 years have passed since a simple veneers treatment performed by a colleague sparked a revolutionary idea in Dr. Farnoosh. The woman thought her veneers looked great, but the sight of her discolored gums troubled her. Dr. Farnoosh was just as bothered and could not get discolored gums off his brain. “I jumped out of bed late that night and hurried to the office with an idea,” he said. “I used to smoke pipes. I wondered if the bleaching method I envisioned would work on my own dark gums.” Dr. Farnoosh soon found out that his method not only worked but continues to yield stunning results 25 years later.


Photos are of Dr. Farnoosh’s gums before and 25 years after the unique gum bleaching treatment that he performed on himself!

Dr Farnoosh Gum Bleaching Before Dr Farnoosh Gum Bleaching After

Dr. Farnoosh’ Gum Bleaching with Dermabrasion Vs. Laser Gum Whitening

In the past, Dr. Farnoosh has used Lasers to treat gingival discoloration and been less than impressed with the cosmetic outcomes. Dr. Farnoosh noted the following issues with Laser treatment:

  • Patchy, uneven coloring of the gums after removing discolored tissue
  • Difficulty reaching between the teeth to treat discolored areas
  • A high chance of gum discoloration returning
  • An absence of long term follow up with Laser treatment makes it hard to gauge its effectiveness

After noting these shortcomings, Dr. Farnoosh went on to develop a method of his own known as “gum bleaching with dermabrasion,”

To improve the appearance of gums, dental experts occasionally use bleaching agents. Though this bleach lightens gums and even erases spots, its application can be abrasive and difficult to control. Unlike bleaching agents, dental lasers allow for precise gum treatment thanks to their beams. Laser treatment is quick, non-abrasive, and results in a faster healing time than traditional bleaching techniques.

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