Permanent Black Gums Treatment

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PERMANENT Gum Whitening

Gum Whitening

A great smile is considered one of the most attractive features that a person can have, but if you have dark, discolored or black gums, your smile may not be everything it could be. The appearance of your gums should complement the look of your teeth, but if they are dark or stained, they could be detracting from the appearance of your teeth. Discolored gums do not have to hold you back. Dr. Farnoosh offers a PERMANENT gum whitening solution that can transform the look of your smile and send your self-confidence soaring.

Our PERMANENT gum whitening solution can be used to lighten naturally dark gums or to address the kinds of discolorations that are associated with smoking, certain types of dental restorations or medications. Dark or black gums are generally not a dental health issue but are usually a cosmetic one. That means that we can quickly and easily erase stains and discolorations and give you the PERMANENT results that you have been craving.

Dr. Farnoosh pioneered our treatment solution. He begins by evaluating your gums to ensure that they are free of any gum disease and that you are an appropriate candidate. Our procedure is painless and highly effective similar to a mild dermabrasion that has been developed by Dr. Farnoosh specifically for patients with dark gums. Both arches can be completed in just 45 minutes, and your gums will be a light, even pink color that complements the appearance of your teeth.

After our gum whitening treatment, your gums will always be lighter than before treatment. Some patients may benefit from additional cosmetic gum treatments to completely make over their smiles. Dr. Farnoosh will provide each patient with his or her own personalized treatment option, such as gum contouring, for complete smile satisfaction.

Dr. Farnoosh uses only safe, proven effective treatments to protect the health of your teeth and gums. Some patients may not be candidates for our PERMANENT gum whitening treatment. These patients may find other treatment options that can help them enjoy the smiles of their dreams. Contact our office today to find out more about lightening your gums or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Farnoosh the pioneer and expert for treatment of discolored gums.

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